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Andrii Brynzak. Composer.

A few lines.

Andrii Brynzak
is a composer, producer,
arranger and guitar player,
based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Selected Projects

Demnächst auf VHS (2021)

Feature-length documentary movie — Original Score

9ft Waves — «Pay No Rent» (EP, 2021)

Session Musician — Rythm Electric Guitars

9ft Waves — «California Sober» (EP, 2021)

Session Musician & Arrangement — Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Rythm Electric Guitars

A Brother’s Letter

Short Movie — Original Score

People Everywhere — «Undercurrent Tapestry» (EP, 2021)

Track «Undercurrent Tapestry» — Session Musician & Arrangement — Keys, Additional Strings

9ft Waves — «Cherry Flavored Kerosene» (EP, 2020)

Track «Cherry Flavored Kerosene» — Session Musician — Rythm Electric Guitars

Andrew Reaver — «2020»

Self Produced Post-Rock Instrumental Album

Arcana: Sands Of Destiny

Composer — Trailer, Gameplay score

Monkey Enters Lanka

Short Movie — Original Score

Endless Stream

Synthwave Album — Ghost Composer

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